MICU PATEL: Music Composer

Purvagna Patel, more commonly known as Micu, I was raised in Mumbai, INDIA. During my youth, rock music had a major influence on me. My love with the guitar began while still in school.

While completing my studies in Automobile Engineering, I joined a heavy metal band, Thor, and went on to play at numerous festivals across the country. My keen interest to listening to various genres of music was beckoning and influenced my work from the very beginning.

1999 gave me my first job as an Assistant Sound Engineer. After an apprenticeship of two years, I started my solo career as a Sound Engineer with Famous Studios, Mumbai. Over a span of 10 years much was learnt and experienced which brought me newer opportunities to work with the top Directors in the industry.I was always inclined to creating compositions of my own which finally came to reality when I created my first music composition for a TVC in 2008.

2010 brought a humble yet a challenging surprise when I was asked to recreate the Indian Nation Anthem, a project very honorable and admirable in one’s life. The project – “The Silent Nation Anthem” created a wave within the nation. It was a super success and was highly appreciated within the industry, friends and piers. The project even went on to win 3 awards at The Cannes Film Festival.